Dec 19

Tim Arce

*** Capt. Tim takes a max of 4 anglers and is $600 for half day or $850 for full day.

I was born and raised right here in Islamorada, a fifth generation islander. The waters here grabbed my attention at a very early age. I spent most of my free time as a youngster walking the Oceanside flats stalking anything that would bend a rod. As I got a little older and would ride my bike to Bud and Mary’s Marina, and wash a few of the boats after a days fishing trip. I was invited to ride along by a few of the captain’s and I was forever changed. The on the water. At eighteen years old, I sat for my captain’s license and my career got started. I took a job at Sea Tow, and learned a lot about salesmans captain’s that took me under their wing, Alex, Paul, Scott, and Allan made a huge impact on my life. I knew early on that I would always make my living hip and salvage. While I enjoyed The work my heart was in fishing. I began fishing again at twenty-four and will probably do it until I can’t physically do it any more. So, come join me for a day on the water and memories for a lifetime.

Captain Timmy Arce

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