Vic Gaspeny(18’)

  • Full day(two anglers)

  • Half Day(two anglers)

  • Tarpon trip(half day, two anglers)



  • GuideVic Gaspeny
  • Guide SpecialtyTarpon
  • Boat TypeCenter Console
  • Seats2 Chairs
  • Max Anglers3
  • Boat Make/ModelParker
  • Boat Length18 FT
  • Motor140 HP
  • Other Fishing StylesAll fishing styles
  • Fishes Peak HoursEarly morning and night


Capt. Vic Gaspeny has been fishing for his entire life. He grew up and started out in the Carolinas, and has been fishing Islamorada since the 1970s.

He is one of the premiere tarpon fishing guides in Islamorada and all of Florida. His passion lies in early morning and late evening tarpon fishing after dark and before sunrise.


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