Miami Fishing Charters

The Florida Keys, and Islamorada in particular, have been known for spectacular fishing for the last century!

Capt. Richard Stanczyk, owner and operator of Bud N’ Mary’s Fishing Marina, actually grew up in Miami Florida, working in the Miami Fishing Trips industry! Off the docks of pier 5 near Miami Beach, Florida back in the 1960’s!

Of course things were different back then, unfortunately with the gigantic explosion of poulation in the city of Miami, South Florida, the fishing has been hurt due to overfishing and pollution.

Miami Fishing Charter

Many guides from the area actually trailer their boats to the keys to fish, especially the flamingo and everglades areas.

While at times certains types of fish do migrate through the area, many species, especially reef dwellers, dolphin, tuna, kingfish, are found much more off the coasts of the Florida Keys.

Also remember the guides and captains out of Bud N’ Mary’s fish full time for a living and it is a chosen lifestyle especially to reside in Islamorada, Florida! It is also much more of scenic place without the litter of skyrises and loud noises and ships associated with the huge ports of Miami, Florida.

Just something to think about before you spend hundreds of dollars on a Miami Fishing Charter, make sure not to forget about Bud n’ Mary’s in Islamorada, Florida.